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Title: Severus' Pleasure
Author: The Wicked Wench of the Midwest
Giftee: [profile] bielol
Word Count: 11,782
Rating: NC-17
Pairing:Harry/Severus, implied Lucius/Remus
Warnings: Post-Hogwarts, EWE, no book 6 or 7, slash, AU
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Harry is taken captive. Who would come to his rescue...
Author's Notes: thanks to N.. for listening to me go silently crazy and beta.. and S, F, and S.. for reading. For the mods for having patience with me..


They lay sweaty, exhausted and sated. His limbs felt heavy and languid. He was tender in all the right places as he lay on his back with Severus tucked up against him, their legs tangled together. Deep restful sleep came quickly.

They woke up later and made love again, and again. Each time was different. Slower and loving. Hard and fast. Each was a moment to cherish. Harry felt alive for the first time in his life; truly alive. This is what lovemaking was. This is what he had been missing. And he never wanted to let go.

Severus; he couldn't seem to get enough. But was he ready to make a change. A change that included Harry? Severus was feeling conflicted. In all his life, he stayed away from attachments. He never had time for a Lover. Someone to come home to at the end of the day. But right now. At this moment, he could see himself waiting at home for Harry after a long day.

Where were these feeling coming from? He felt suddenly uneasy. They were foreign to him. His parents hadn't been a loving couple, always squabbling and hexing each other. It had been a miracle he'd been conceived.

Could he? Could he, when they returned to Hogwarts, let Harry go? Go on as nothing ever happened? He studied the young man sleeping beside him. His grandmother would tell him to take it one day at a time. Severus sighed and succumbed to sleep once more.


Harry rolled and snuggled into Severus. "I don't think I can ever walk again. How about we just stay here, let the whole world forget we existed."

"I'm surprised whomever took you didn't search harder last night."

"I have a bad feeling that whoever it is..that Umbridge is working with, that it's something big. Bigger than just me being taken. They have plans for others too."

Severus turned his head to look at Harry. "Interesting deduction. It would mean that they have other powerful witches and wizards-- single or divorced--targeted."

"Those with power, money and political clout?"

"And important ties to the Pureblood families, particularly those who's lines are dying out."

"And those of us who haven't produced heirs? Then you could be a target, Severus. Being the Head of the Prince line."

"Where was this mind when you were in my class?"

Harry smiled, "Once old Tom's soul was out of my head, it seemed I could comprehend things when I studied. How do you think I managed to pass my Muggle GCSE's, A-levels, and attend six years of medical school?"

"The soul fragment hindered your learning?"

"Evidently. And it was hampering my magic as well. At least the part that assisted in my learning. Did I mention I have already completed the four-year training for a Healer on my own time?"

"I'm impressed." Severus laid his head back down on Harry's stomach. He was thinking about all the things Harry said. Could he himself be a target as well?

Harry's hand came up and began carding his fingers through Severus' hair. The older man closed his eyes in bliss. He loved having his hair played with. Caressed. The motion brought a sense of peace to his body and he dozed off again.

When they woke up later, Severus was spooning his new lover. Holding him close, sharing his warmth. Sometime during the night, it had grown colder and it appeared to be snowing. Something so simple as holding Harry in a small cottage while it snowed around them brought another round of contentment to his soul.

"When are they expecting you to return?" Harry mumbled in a sleepy voice.

"Not for a few hours, unless you are anxious to return."

"No. But I do know the Hospital will be a madhouse with my disappearance. We were already working short staffed with the Flu outbreak this year."

Severus sat up and looked down at Harry, "You've not been sick, have you?"

"No. Health Care Workers are required to get the vaccinations. St. Mungo's also handed out the mandated ones as well. If I remember correctly, I saw your handwriting on them."

"I always brew their priority Potions for them. Ever since some dunderheaded idiot mixed up the potions and distributed Cheering Potion instead of the required anti-flu ones."

"Well good. Then we are both safe." He reached back and pulled Severus' head forward and he twisted his upper body. "I think we have a few more hours to kill. Kiss me."


Night had fallen. Severus and Harry were readying themselves to return to Hogwarts. A place Harry hadn't seen in five years. Hermione and Ron kept him up to date with the goings on. Otherwise, he worked and kept to himself. He spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day working, leaving the day to the staff with families. Molly always sent his gifts ahead and he opened them at work, sharing her baked goods with the staff on duty. They were always a hit.

Harry was feeling unsure now that they were leaving this bubble of sanity.

"Don't think so hard, Potter."

Harry grinned as he finished tying his shoes. Standing, "I'm not. But it's nice to think even though after what happen, something wonderful happened."



"Indeed." Severus held out his hand to Harry. "Are you ready to return your adoring masses?" Severus' eyebrow was quirked in amusement. He had known for quite sometime that the younger man hated having people fawning over him like he was some idol.

"We will be appearing in one of the secure areas of the Forbidden Forest." Harry stepped closer as Severus pulled out the portkey. The older man could feel Harry suddenly stiffen next to him.

"I know you said, if only for tonight, but I wouldn't be so disinclined if you wanted more, Harry," Severus whispered. His own unsure thoughts coming back to him and he brushed them away.

Seeming to relax, Harry smiled brilliantly, "I would think that line of thought would be a wonderful thing, Severus."

They shared a soft kiss before Severus activated the portkey. Moments later when they reappeared, Harry was pulled from Severus' embrace and swept away. In the span of only a moment or two, Harry was portkeyed away again. "What the bloody hell!"

"Not now, Severus. Delores Umbridge is in the castle. She's searching for Harry, accusing us of staging the abduction and hiding him here."

Severus put a hand out on the old man's arm. "Albus! She was there when I retrieved, Potter."

"Are you certain?"

Severus gave the Headmaster a look, "Yes. I'm certain. I listened to her manic babble for some time, before she left and I was able to free Har--Potter. She spoke of binding him to a Mistress. And it appears there may be others that are being targeted."

Blues eyes that had seen too much in a lifetime, narrowed. "Did she let any other information slip?"

"None. But Harry suggested that I might be one of the ones they may target because of some of the things she spouted off about. Continuing the bloodlines. Ancient houses without heirs."

"This is bad. Very, very bad."

"Agreed, Albus. It means none of us are safe."

Albus took a deep breath. "Let us continue to the castle. When Delores has left we will discuss this further."


Delores Umbridge was waiting at the doors as the Headmaster and Severus Snape walked back to the castle. If she was a betting witch, she would hazard to guess that the Professor was the one who rescued Mr. Potter from their clutches. Not to worry. He would soon be under their control as well.

The Mudblood slipped by them before they had a chance to take her. Cornelius was very much looking forward to binding the young know-it-all to himself. He had plans for the witch. The first would be to destroy her office and take her career. She was sturdy stock and would breed well, strengthening his line, and he would enjoy breaking her, then bedding her. He grinned evilly everytime he spoke of his plans for her.

She would no longer challenge him or the Ministry ever again.

"I take it you could not find Mr. Potter?" the Headmaster asked as he walked up the front steps of the castle.

"We will find him and when we do, we will punish him for wasting our time and resources searching for him, when he was never kidnapped in the first place."

"Madam Granger..." Albus began.

"MISS Granger," Delores corrected, the irritation clear in her voice. "She has done nothing to deserve the title and until then, she is MISS Granger, unless she marries."

"As I was saying, Madam Granger," The twinkle was gone in the blue eyes, replaced with something icy and deadly. "who's position affords her said title, witnessed the kidnapping with her own eyes! I viewed the pensive memory myself!"

The magic was rising in the air. Not too many went toe-to-toe with Albus. Severus quite frequently, being just as stubborn. Lucius loved to for the sport. Harry on the occasion when he visited him at his home. He always loved a good argument. But this woman was useless in all matters and of all things useful.

"Do you really think that you scare me, old man?" She sneered.

"You would disrespect Albus Dumbledore?!" Severus hissed. "You truly are an imbecilic fool."

Delores stood unmoving, but glaring indignantly, "He has never earned my respect. And I am no fool."

Turning her nose up in the air and her back on the angry men, "As I said. When we find Mr. Potter, he will to answer to us. Good day!" The evil woman walked down the stone steps between the men as if she owned the world.

Severus waited till the vile woman had disappeared beyond the gates, "We have problems, Albus."

"Yes and by the way she broadcasted her thoughts, Madam Granger is in serious danger as well."

"You heard them too, Albus?"

"Loud and clear, my dear boy. Loud and clear. We can be grateful the foolish woman never learned to Occlude."

"I will summon the Order." Severus said as he darted into the castle.

Albus waited, watching the gates, "You may no longer follow the Dark Lord, Delores, but your intentions are still just as evil as his ever were regarding the Wizarding World and her people.

The Headmaster turned in a snapping swirl of colorful robes and entered the castle, turning his back on the sunrise.


Harry collapsed as soon as the portkey deposited them. He really hated that mode of travel. Really, really hated it. He opened one eye and gazed up at the laughing face of Remus Lupin.

Harry grinned. "Hello Pops!"

Remus laughed. "Your Godson misses you."

"Is Teddy here?"

"Of course."

"HARRY!" a small voice screamed before a small body landed on top of Harry.


"Where have you been Harry!"

Harry lifted his head to gaze at the blue-haired imp perched on his stomach. "Working, Short stuff."

"Papa Luc says... all work and no play makes big boys dull."

"Oh, he does now does he?" Harry asked as he sat up and scooted Teddy off so they could stand up. He loved this little Imp like he was his own. When Remus and Tonks married six years ago, he thought they would be happy forever. But things just went wrong when Teddy was almost two. Tonks tried controlling everything about the family. What they could do. How they did it. Who they could talk to. She even tried to make Harry give up being Teddy's Godfather. He hadn't been surprised when Remus had called an end to it all and ended the marriage too, taking custody of Teddy.

Harry had often wondered if madness ran in the Black bloodline?

Remus grabbed Harry and hugged him tightly. "You scared me."

Hugging him just as tightly, "Well I was terrified."

"Potter! How did they get a jump on you!" Moody bellowed. "Constant Vigilance!"

Harry whirled around to face Mad-Eye, his wand in hand. "I wasn't expecting it! Not in the middle of Muggle London of all places! And in broad daylight!"

"You'll have to keep up a constant one now until we figure out who and what is going on!" Kingsley advised.

"Who? Umbridge is one of them. And why in the bloody hell did you whisk me away like that?"

"Umbridge you say?" Moody hummed.

"Yes. She came into the room where they were holding me. Starting spouting off the plans they had for me." He shuddered.

Moody and Kingsley were looking at each before looking back at Harry.

"Umbridge," Kingsley began, "came to the castle searching for you." Then he went on to explain everything the woman accused Harry of doing.

"She's mad!" Harry rubbed the area over his heart. He missed Severus' presence.

"Well that's certainly a given." Remus commented.

Moody and Kingsley glared at him as Harry covered his laugh with a cough. Damn he'd missed that man. They really needed to visit more often. Harry looked down at Teddy who was hugging his leg. "You play with me Harry!"

"As you command my Lord." Harry swung the boy up into the air and into his arms.

Harry followed the men into the other room with a giggling Teddy on his shoulders.


Six weeks later.....

Harry was writing in charts behind the desk while there was a lull in the Accident and Emergency. Six weeks had passed. He had only returned three weeks ago himself after telling his protectors he couldn't hide forever. The only concession he would give them was letting Kingsley stay with him as he worked. The man was disguised as one of the maintenance workers.

He missed Severus. He tried owling him, but he had heard nothing back, which was disheartening. But he understood that things at the moment were crazy while they tried to figure out who was after him, and now, Hermione.

But a simple note would still be nice.

"So did you find out of tall, dark and handsome is attached?" Jennifer Cotton asked from her chair beside him.

Harry shook his head without looking up. "I've really no idea, Jennifer. Maybe you should focus on finishing your rounds, yeah?"

"But Harry, he's with you all the time." Carol Snowden asked from behind Harry. "Come on, share with us."

Honestly, he'd never seen such sex-obsessed women as the nurses in this hospital. He'd thought the Slytherin girls he'd gone to school with were bad, but they had nothing on these women. He was grateful he wasn't attracted to women. They were just too much to handle.

"Unless, you like him?" Jennifer asked.

Harry's head popped up, and glared at the other brunette. "Jen, I love you. I really do. But Kingsley is not my type."

Carol, the blonde, leaned between them and whispered, "and what is your type Harry?"

Harry glared as both women grinned at him. "Kingsley!"

"Yes, Dr. Potter!" Kingsley was smirking at Harry and the other two women sitting and standing around him. "What can I do for you?"

"Kingsley." Harry waved to the nurses, pointing first to his left, "Jennifer Cotton." Then to his right, "Carol Snowden. Ladies, this is Kingsley Shacklebolt. Have fun chatting each other up!"

Harry turned back to his charts and the computer in front of him to the combined laughter of his friends and colleagues.

Three hours later, Kingsley and Harry were walking out of the hospital towards a nearby Apparition point. Then it happened, just as they turned the corner. Harry and Kingsley had their wands out but it was no use. The same group of red-robed attackers had them surrounded, disarmed, and transported before either man had a chance to fight back.


Severus was striding down one of the corridors of the castle. A letter in hand to Harry. He must have written thirty different versions of the same missive. What does one say to someone that, for some reason, you can't stop thinking of?

Severus walked up a set of stairs, then turned a corner towards Albus' office. Suddenly he was hit with a curse and fell backwards towards the hard floor. When he looked up, standing over him, wand pointed at him was Nymphadora Tonks, purple hair and all. The maniacal grin on her face reminded him of her Aunt Bella. Of course, it would stand to reason that the madness was inherent in the Black bloodline.

"Hello Severus. Fancy taking a trip with me?"

Assuming the question was rhetorical, Severus did his best to glare. If he said no, it would do no good. A chilling thought occurred to him as he felt the cold wash of a Disillusionment Charm and his body being Levitated, wherever he ended up, Harry Potter was sure to be there as well.


Lucius was speaking to Hermione as they walked away from her office in the Ministry of Magic. Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy were following quietly behind them. "The Werewolf laws that are left won't be any challenge to nullify, with your help Madam Granger."

"I'm pleased to hear that good news, Lord Malfoy. Maybe someday Were's and other magical creatures will enjoy full freedoms peacefully."

"Not as long as I am alive, Miss Granger."

Lucius and Hermione stopped in their tracks, halting the two men behind them. Before any of them could pull wands, they were all unconscious.

Delores Umbridge just smiled sweetly.


Harry knew before he opened his eyes, he was back where he started. Naked, stretched out on an altar with runes being painted all over his body.


"So glad you are finally awake, Mr. Potter," A cultured and smooth voice spoke. "This time, there will be no one to save you. We've taken care of that problem, by bringing your rescuer here as well."

"What do you people want with me?!" Harry snapped, clearly angry.

"There is no need to be rude, Mr. Potter. We are Traditionalists. We believe in the continuation of the lines. Not only in purity but in the strengthening of the magic. This is where Muggleborns make their contributions. Wherein the Dark Lord wanted to destroy them, we strive to use their blood to make our ancient lines stronger."

"They would do that anyway if they were fully accepted into Wizarding Society!"

The red-robed stranger stepped forward and pulled back her hood.

"Narcissa!" Was echoed around the room from Harry, as well as both Lucius and Severus, who were bound nearby.

The blond smiled smugly at all of them, before turning back to Harry. "They are part of our Society, but to restore our lines, we must ensure their participation... as we must those of the old families that have chosen to forsake their duties to their Houses and Familial Lines."

"What are you doing, Narcissa?" Lucius demanded from his place, chained to the wall next to Severus. "Have you lost what is left of your mind?!"

"Nonsense. This woman of impeccable breeding did only what needed to be done." Cornelius Fudge was the next person to reveal himself. "She and other like-minded people, are doing what is necessary for the survival of our kind. And, it would be in your best interest to assist us... willingly... or not."

Tonks pulled her own hood down along with Umbridge. Other's around the room did as well. Harry recognized some by sight only, not knowing their names. Severus and Lucius gasped and cursed at most of the faces revealed.

"Our kind are dwindling in numbers. Less magical births each year. The war didn't help with the Dark Lord killing off entire families and all the Muggleborns and Halfbloods he could find. This time we took the lessons and learned. If you won't cooperate," Tonks trailed off, a sneer twisting her facial features, "then we will make you assist us..."

"Madam," the man beside Harry whispered.

"What is it!" Narcissa's eyes were cold as she snapped at him, making him cringe.

"The runes. They won't stay. They keep on vanishing as soon as I complete them."

"What do you mean they 'won't stay'?!"

She stepped closer to the altar, and leaned close to look at Harry's abdomen as the man tried painting one of the runes again. When it too faded away, she cursed and rounded on him.

"Explain!" She eyed the little mouse of a man.

"I-I have no explanation, Lady Malfoy. They are the same as before. I verified before I began." He answered, ready to bolt at the slightest sign of her anger.

Harry'd been watching too, and he didn't understand it either. But as far as he was concerned, anything to delay this farce and keep his freedom was a good thing!

"Miss Chang! If you would please."

The dark haired woman stepped from the circle and took her place beside the old man. Taking the brush, she started to copy the runes from the tattered book. They continued to fade as soon as they were painted. She looked up at Narcissa, and shrugged.
Narcissa was livid!

"Something has changed between then and now!"

Tonks stepped up beside the altar, brandishing her wand, she muttered a spell. She looked up at her aunt, wide-eyed, mouth hanging open in shock.

Narcissa's eyes narrowed. "What is it?!"

"He's no longer a virgin. And he's bonded!"

Severus body jerked in shock at her words, and it took all of his self-control to not look up. Lucius looked at him, sending him a questioning gaze.

"What!?" Narcissa and Harry both shouted.

"He-He's already bonded... and he's no longer a virgin." She repeated in a daze.


The toady little woman had the sense to cower and step back. But then her anger got the best of her and she glared up at the elegant but dangerous woman bent over her.

"You let him get away the first time!" Narcissa stepped back. "I shall take Lucius then."

"NO!" Delores shouted. "He's mine. I chose him. You didn't want him back!"

"Ah, but I am familiar with his... proclivities and habits. And his body is not... distasteful."

Lucius' head snapped up at that. "Oi!! Cissa! I don't recall you complaining once while we were married, you over-sexed cow!"

Harry wanted to groan in frustration. Standing up to the Dark Lord was easier than this. Maybe that's why there hadn't been many Dark Witches over the centuries. He turned his head and looked toward Severus. Why was the man hiding his face?

Fudge stepped between the women, though a bit hesitantly, his hand on his wand. "Ladies, Ladies... we can resolve this at a later time. Since we cannot use Mr. Potter and the two of you obviously need to come to an agreement, we will just proceed with the Granger woman. There's no reason I should have to wait."

They both turned as one and glared daggers at him, for daring to interrupt. Lucius took the opportunity to turn to Severus.

"Do you know what has happened to Harry? Who he could have bonded to in such a short time?"

Severus looked up slowly, and stared at him with an odd look in his eyes.

Lucius gasped. "No!! You?! How?! When?!" He hissed quietly.

Severus could only groan in response. He couldn't believe it. Could it be possible? That night? He hadn't felt anything out of the ordinary--not magically anyway. That would certainly explain his continuous thoughts of the young man and the pull he kept feeling to be near him. His bonded. He could hardly believe it.

Harry didn't know if he should feel indignation at the arguing going on around him as he laid out naked for all to see. He did a mental, 'ewwww', when Fudge claimed Hermione. And the fight over Lucius. Umbridge and Narcissa. He had to hold back a giggle as he thought of Lucius sitting in a pink room with all those kittens. But then he shuddered for the blond when he thought of what else the man would be exposed to. At least Narcissa was attractive, even to him!

"You can take Severus." Narcissa offered. "He is a Pureblood and a gifted Potions Master."

Umbridge turned and studied the dark man shackled to the far wall, as he glared back at her. "I supposed I could cast a glamour over him..."

"You're no prize yourself, Madam!" He growled angrily.

She harrumphed and turned back to Narcissa, "Fine! I'll take Snape."

"Oh HELL NO!" Harry growled, as something territorial in him raised it's head, and his magic flared around him.

The magic in the room grew thick. The temperture dropped as Harry's eyes grew darker. The shackles that held his hands and ankles cracked open under the pressure. Even naked, Harry Potter made an impressive figure as he stood up among the now silent group.

All eyes were on him, as he turned to look at them all. Hair wild, eyes flashing with fury, and a grim frown on his face. He stuck out his hand and summoned someone's black robe and donned it, closing just enough buttons to hide his torso. Then he turned to face the two main female figures in the room.

He was so angry, Harry didn't know where to start. "If Voldemort was still alive, he would run screaming from this..." Harry waved his hand around, "pathetic display!"

Umbridge rounded on him, pulling her wand, as the others did the same. "Silence, Mr. Potter!"

"Harry?" Severus called softly.

Harry whirled around to face his friends and family. And his bonded. "Severus!"

He waved his hand and their bonds fell away. All the captives rose, stiffly, rubbing at their wrists. Their captors watched, furious, unable to speak, struggling to free themselves. Around them, teams of Aurors appeared, filling the room. Quickly assessing the situation, they took the red-robed figures into custody as Kingsley approached Harry, as the other limped forward.

Harry breathed deeply, trying to bring his magic under control, when a hand settled on his shoulder. He knew that hand and his magic settled down more easily, deeper, as he breathed, "Severus."

"Harry. Are you unharmed?"

"Yes. Lets just get out of here, please. I've had enough drama for one lifetime."

Severus smiled, wrapping his arms around his husband. "It would be my pleasure."


Two weeks later.. Christmas Eve..

Harry and Severus were staying in London at Harry's townhouse. They were lying in front of the fire, with the tree in the corner giving off the only other light. It was peaceful.

Nude, wrapped up together in a large comforter, breathing heavily, and smiling. Harry nuzzled his husband's ear.

"So what do you think, Dr Potter-Snape? An official bonding after the New Year?"

"I take it, Molly and Minerva have been planning?"

"Be happy that I talked them out of the kilts."

"It could have been worse. I saw the robes Molly was looking at! Before Mione talked her out of them!"

Severus' eyes widened and his face paled. Harry chuckled.

"So tell me what you want?" Harry asked, trailing a finger down Severus' chest.

"The beach. Me and you standing before Albus. White poets shirts and barefoot. Our friends around us. Something simple."

Harry suddenly quieted, then groaned, dropping his head onto Severus' chest.

"What is it, Luv?"

"Jen and Carol. They are going to be impossible!"

Severus kissed his nose. "Oh, I'm sure you can handle them. If it gets too bad, I can always visit and channel the dreaded greasy Potions Master." He grinned evilly.

Harry through his head back and laughed. "Oh save me from the evils of women! That acid tongue finally works in my favor!"

"It would be my pleasure, husband of mine," Severus purred.



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