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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week Three

If there are any errors, please let me know! :)


A Sleigh Ride Together (NC-17/NWS) for [personal profile] crimson_vipera
Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring ting tingling too, oh yes it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!
IJ, LJ and DW

Determination (R/NWS) for [personal profile] entrenous88
A forced bond has certain requirements...and ramifications.
IJ, LJ and DW

"They Left Four Hours Ago..." (PG) for [personal profile] stupid_drawings
They may have claimed to have been a bit lost, but we know better ;-)
IJ, LJ and DW

Severus' New Familiar (PG) for [personal profile] majmunka
Harry learns to become an Animagus. Spying on Snape, he manages to save him. Snape takes him home (in animal form).
IJ, LJ and DW


Playing With Fire (NC-17, 7,464 words) for [profile] snarrylover
Now in sixth year, dating Ginny, Harry tries something new with disastrous results. Luckily, Snape is there to offer assistance.
IJ, LJ and DW

Trigonometry of Souls (NC-17, 18,000+ words) for [personal profile] maraudersaffair
One should always pay attention to semantics.
IJ, LJ and DW

Detention (NC-17, 2,954 words) for [personal profile] anya_elizabeth
Harry knows he doesn’t have to be at Hogwarts. He knows he doesn’t have to go to lessons, and especially detentions. Severus knows this, too. But when Severus orders, Harry comes, and it doesn’t take long for both to figure out why.
IJ, LJ and DW

Stumbling Upon Release (R, ~4,100 words) for [profile] curia_regis
Harry conveniently finds a Potions supplier who'll help with his Chizpurfle infestation, but will he think to ask about the cost of their assistance?
IJ, LJ and DW

Divine Intervention (NC-17, 3,579 words) for [personal profile] calanor
When Harry gets an assignment from the Minister to find a missing child, Harry never expected to find love at the oddest of places or at that special time of the year, Christmas.
IJ, LJ and DW

Footfalls echo in the memory (R/NC-17, ~17,500 words) for [personal profile] dandru
Snape and Harry lose their memories of the past ten years.
IJ, LJ and DW

Invasum (Like Father, Like Son) (NC-17, ~14,800 words) for [personal profile] unjapanologist
Harry, searching for Snape after he disappeared from the Shrieking Shack, follows a trail into the Muggle world and runs into Tobias Snape.
IJ, LJ and DW

From Where I Am (PG, 22,700) for Everyone!
Prior to leaving Hogwarts for Christmas break, Albus Severus Potter rediscovers a secret of the Room of Requirement. What he doesn't expect, however, is that the secret will forever change the holiday for himself – and his father. Pre-slash.
IJ, LJ and DW

Just Like the First Time (PG-13, 3934) for [personal profile] choosetolive
What happened on the way back from the infirmary?
IJ, LJ and DW

A Friend in Need (NC-17, ~8,500) for [personal profile] lemondropseven
Snape slowly wakes after Nagini's attack, glad to still be alive and at Hogwarts, with his beloved by his side. The only trouble is, his rumple-haired, green-eyed beloved appears to be a bit clueless.
IJ, LJ and DW

A Second Chance (PG-13, 8,200) for [personal profile] countesszero
A chance encounter twenty years after the war changes Harry’s world as he and Severus reforge the close relationship they shared during the war.
IJ, LJ and DW

Remedial Potions (NC-17, 15,199) for [personal profile] tripperfunster
It turns out Harry probably shouldn't have spent his sixth year cheating, because now he needs Remedial Potions for real...
IJ, LJ and DW

The Beauty Within (NC-17, ~3,300) for Everyone
In the night of the Winter Solstice, beautiful music awakens Harry. He follows it to its source and has a night to remember.
IJ, LJ and DW

Bound to be Broken (NC-17, 12,712) for [personal profile] atypicalsnowman
There is a way to break the accidental bond between Harry and Snape; it simply involves lots of sex.
IJ, LJ and DW

Severus' Pleasure (NC-17, 11,782) for [profile] bielol
Harry is taken captive. Who would come to his rescue...
IJ, LJ and DW

Coming Home (PG, ~20,900) for [personal profile] torina_archelda
2013: Severus Snape gets a job offer he cannot resist. For once Ginny gets what she wants. And Harry gets what he needs. Win-win for everyone.
IJ, LJ and DW

If you missed the previous wrap-ups, here: Week One, and Week Two.
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