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*drumroll* Here's the reveals! You can now see who wrote/drew for you. Please make sure you've left a comment for your gift since someone took the time to create something for you. :D

You may now repost your fic and art on your journal/archive/site. If you are posting your fic on your own journal or archive and want us to link to your journal/site for future readers, we're happy to do that. For long fic and art especially, we're encouraging you to send us new links either to your journal or an archive. We encourage everyone to go to Walking the Plank. :D You may comment to the masterlist with new links or email us at snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com.

Over the next few days, I'll be adding in all the author/artist names on IJ/LJ/DW.

On the masterlist below, I've used everyone's IJ names unless you've told me otherwise. If you are known by something else on LJ and want that name included as well, don't be shy, and let me know. :) Additionally, if there are any mishaps with the masterlist, speak up.

Without further ado!


[personal profile] unjapanologist created Protective Custody for [profile] sev1970

[personal profile] tripperfunster created Rock and A Hard Place for [personal profile] jin_fenghuang

[personal profile] serpenscript created The Boy Who Was Enthralled for [profile] marauderswolf

[profile] morganlefay1958 created The Power of Mistletoe for [profile] lovetoseverus

[personal profile] jin_fenghuang created A Handful of Snow for [personal profile] alchemia

[personal profile] amanitamuscaria created Negotiation for [personal profile] andreanna

[personal profile] vividzephyr created Animagery 101 for [personal profile] sealcat

[personal profile] sealcat created Drinking Party for [personal profile] amanitamuscaria

[personal profile] stupid_drawings created Snowed In for [personal profile] venturous

[personal profile] majmunka created Baby's First Christmas for [profile] morganlefay1958

[personal profile] venturous created A Sleigh Ride Together for [personal profile] crimson_vipera

[personal profile] andreanna created Determination for [personal profile] entrenous88

[personal profile] alchemia created "They Left Four Hours Ago..." for [personal profile] stupid_drawings

[profile] bielol created Severus' New Familiar for [personal profile] majmunka


[personal profile] torino10154 wrote Northern Exposure for [personal profile] faeryqueen

[personal profile] maraudersaffair wrote Bound and Chained (To You) for [personal profile] vividzephyr

[profile] sev1970 wrote His Gift of Words for [personal profile] stepmnstr

[personal profile] eriador117 wrote Due Recompense for [personal profile] aceia

[personal profile] atypicalsnowman wrote Of Hope Restored for [personal profile] leela_cat

[profile] pollicem wrote In the Beginning for [profile] roozetter

[personal profile] aceia wrote It's Harry, Remember for [profile] pollicem

[personal profile] lemondropseven wrote Terms of this Conflict for [personal profile] serpenscript

[personal profile] stepmnstr wrote A Holiday Tradition for [personal profile] fancypantsdylan

[personal profile] thesewarmstars wrote Folie à Deux for [personal profile] torino10154

[personal profile] choosetolive wrote Unexpected Gifts for [personal profile] eriador117

[personal profile] fancypantsdylan wrote A Sense of Adventure for [profile] countess_hp

[profile] marauderswolf wrote A Common Strength for [personal profile] winoniel

[personal profile] faeryqueen wrote Speak Low If You Speak of Love for [personal profile] thesewarmstars

[personal profile] leela_cat wrote For Want of a Headmaster for [personal profile] midnight_birth

[profile] roozetter wrotePlaying With Fire for [profile] snarrylover

[personal profile] crimson_vipera wrote Trigonometry of Souls for [personal profile] maraudersaffair

[personal profile] midnight_birth wrote Detention for [personal profile] anya_elizabeth

[personal profile] dandru wrote Stumbling Upon Release for [profile] curia_regis

[profile] countess_hp wrote Divine Intervention for [personal profile] calanor

[profile] curia_regis wrote Footfalls echo in the memory for [personal profile] dandru

[personal profile] winoniel wrote Invasum (Like Father, Like Son) for [personal profile] unjapanologist

[profile] lovetoseverus wrote From Where I Am for [community profile] snarry_holidays

[profile] snarrylover wrote Just Like the First Time for [personal profile] choosetolive

[personal profile] psyfic wrote A Friend in Need for [personal profile] lemondropseven

[personal profile] torina_archelda wrote A Second Chance for [personal profile] countesszero

[personal profile] anya_elizabeth wrote Remedial Potions for [personal profile] tripperfunster

[personal profile] ivylady wrote The Beauty Within for [community profile] snarry_holidays

[personal profile] entrenous88 wrote Bound to be Broken for [personal profile] atypicalsnowman

[personal profile] calanor wrote Severus' Pleasure for [profile] bielol

[personal profile] countesszero wrote Coming Home for [personal profile] torina_archelda


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