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*drumroll* Here's the reveals! You can now see who wrote/drew for you. Please make sure you've left a comment for your gift since someone took the time to create something for you. :D

You may now repost your fic and art on your journal/archive/site. If you are posting your fic on your own journal or archive and want us to link to your journal/site for future readers, we're happy to do that. For long fic and art especially, we're encouraging you to send us new links either to your journal or an archive. We encourage everyone to go to Walking the Plank. :D You may comment to the masterlist with new links or email us at snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com.

Over the next few days, I'll be adding in all the author/artist names on IJ/LJ/DW.

On the masterlist below, I've used everyone's IJ names unless you've told me otherwise. If you are known by something else on LJ and want that name included as well, don't be shy, and let me know. :) Additionally, if there are any mishaps with the masterlist, speak up.

Without further ado!

The 2009 Masterlist )
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The third round of [community profile] snarry_holidays has officially come to a close! In a little over an hour, we'll post the final masterlist so you can finally see who wrote/drew for you. :) I've really enjoyed this round and it was especially wonderful getting to know some newer authors and artists, as well as seeing some familiar folks again. ♥

Thank you so much to everyone who participated as an author or an artist. We had a surprising number of dropouts this year, and thus there was a lot of under-the-wire regifting taking place. Thanks for everyone who was so supportive about allowing us to regift and working with us. We're especially grateful for those people who got their gifts in on time. ♥ Thank you to the pinch-hitters who stepped in: [personal profile] countesszero, who came in early on and was worked into the fest; [personal profile] ivylady, who generously allowed us to gift her pinch-hit to the comm; and [personal profile] psyfic, who stepped in at the last minute and was an absolute dream. ♥ Everyone's patience, perseverance and enthusiasm has been lovely.

[personal profile] jin_fenghuang volunteered this year to let us use her website for hosting longer fic and art. She helped with modding duties and spent many hours conquering the beast that is html and coding. She participated in the fest herself and has left many wonderful comments. Thank you so much, dear. You've been an absolute rockstar.

[personal profile] lesyeuxverts is always a fabulous co-mod and can be counted on for support in handling frustrating situations and effectively proofreading long fics at superhuman speed. *hugs tight* You deserve many martinis and chocolate and Snarry porn!

[personal profile] carpet_diemon also co-modded with us this year, helping in the arduous task of matching assignments, as well as answering emails and proofreading, even with injured hands! Thank you so much for your diligent work, hon!

[personal profile] shyfoxling saved our collectives asses by helping to proofread many stories. She was thorough and fast as lightning. Thank you so, so much.

Thank you to [profile] sev1970 for providing the coding for the first round-up and for her incredible enthusiasm.

To everyone who has commented and rec'd (and provided us recs), I can't promise you my firstborn - because I have no intentions to have squabbling children (one could say I'm hardwired like Snape in this way *g*) - but I can thank you profusely, so: THANK YOU!!!

Anyone else I have forgotten: thank you! Feel free to kick my ass. *g*

Everyone made this such a lovely round: thank you so much. There will be some last admin-y notes with the masterlist about posting and hosting your fic offsite, etc. :)

*kisses and Snarry cheer*
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Hi everyone,

With great apologies, I've finally posted the last Weekly Wrap-Up. :) There are links to the first two, as well, if there's any last minute reading you want to do. The reveals will go up tomorrow at 3pm ET, along with some thank-yous. After then you may post your own fic on your journal and make thank-yous, etc.

We will still be collecting recs for the Snitch, so if you happen to make any after the reveals (or have recently), let me know. :) If you have anything to ask or bring up, you can email us at snarryholiday at gmail dot com.

Thank you everyone so, so much for making this a wonderful round. We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope that you will continue Snarry-ing. *g*

[personal profile] bewarethesmirk, on behalf of the [community profile] snarry_holidays mods
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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week Three

If there are any errors, please let me know! :)

Art )

Fic )

If you missed the previous wrap-ups, here: Week One, and Week Two.
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Now all the gifts have been posted, unless I've overlooked something. *g*

Please email us at snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com if there are any issues.

I'll be posting a Weekly Wrap-Up tonight and tomorrow a masterlist of all the fics/art will go up. Everyone will remain anonymous until the final masterlist is posted on January 2. Until then, please remain anon. Don't answer comments or hint at someone's identity until we're done. :) We want people to have time to catch up a bit.

Remember to let us know if you've made any recs or seen any. :) You're welcome to comment with those on this post or email us.

Thanks so much for everyone's participation! This has been a great round and a privilege to mod. ♥
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I hope everyone's enjoying the holiday season and/or the snow. ♥ But I especially hope you're enjoying the fest! We have a couple of surprise gifts, so the fest will be running a bit longer than we anticipated - probably until Christmas Day itself. We will wait about a week for reveals so that everyone has a chance to catch up. :)

A quick reminder to continue leaving feedback! If you rec something (fic or art), please tell us in this post. :) I've been able to send some recs over to the Snitch. Thanks for those that have been sharing links.

And lastly, we have already posted the gift for [personal profile] thesewarmstars called Speak Low If You Speak of Love. For some reason, however, the HTML is being recalcitrant despite all our collective efforts. Therefore, we're going to re-post the fic the old-fashioned way on IJ/LJ/DW. Sorry to spam your flists, but perhaps this way the HTML will come out correctly. :) It's a great fic. There will be a new fic posted later on tonight - a gift for everyone!
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We're ahead of schedule so there will be no more gifts posted today. Posting will resume tomorrow morning as usual. You can take this time to play catch up. :D

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Hi everyone!

I hope you're continuing to enjoy the fest! I just wanted to take a moment to encourage anyone with any suggestions, comments or recommendations to send an email to snarryholiday [at] gmail [at] com. Additionally, if you have found any of the warnings, on a piece of fic or art, to not be adequate or accurate, please let us know by emailing us. :)

[personal profile] bewarethesmirk
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Thank you everyone who has been leaving comments! ♥ Also, thanks for anyone who has been making recs or leaving them. If you see or make any, please remember to leave them at our recs post.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please send them to snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you see any wrong links or mistakes, flog me let me know. ;-)
- [personal profile] bewarethesmirk

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week Two

Art )

Fic )

If you missed last week's weekly wrap-up, the Week One round-up is here.
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We hope everyone has been enjoying the fest so far! Thanks so much for everyone who has been leaving such kind comments. We'd love to see even more comments, so that the wonderful authors and artists get love and to spread the Snarry cheer. ♥ So commenting and reccing are very, very welcome. If you make a rec for anything (fic or art) in the fest and/or see a rec, please leave a comment here or email us. :)

If anyone missed the Week One Wrap-Up post, it's here.

If anyone has any suggestions or questions so far, please email us (snarryholiday at gmail dot com) or leave a comment here. And, just FYI, our submissions have balanced out so that we'll be posting twice a day regularly (at 10am and 9pm EST, if you haven't already surmised *g*).

We hope everyone is enjoying all the great fests, the promise of snow (whether in real form or v-gift form), and the holiday season!

- [community profile] snarry_holidays mods
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Before I'd even started making a weekly wrap-up for this week, the lovely [profile] sev1970 had beaten me to it. I've altered some of her original formatting, but much credit goes to her for the hard, dirty work. ;-) Thanks, hon!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week One

Art )

Fic )
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This is a friendly reminder that all gifts are due to us Monday, November 16, unless you are pinch-hitting or have already requested an extension. If you need an extension or think you might, please email us at snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com.

We are here to answer any questions you might have!
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Hi everyone! In a month and a little under a week (Nov 16!) your assignments are due.

When submitting your fic or art, please include this header with the document.



If you have any questions about the templates or about your assignment, email us at snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com or comment below.
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Hey everyone! We've already had some people express interest in pinch-hitting -- well, now is your chance to sign-up. We'll definitely need some back-up writers and artists on hand, as we'll undoubtedly have a few drop-outs during the course of the fest. Hopefully all of our artists and writers are busily and happily working on their creations for this holiday, but real life crises do crop up. If you do have to drop out, we'd appreciate it if you let us know as soon as possible.

Those who are worked into the fest within the next few weeks will become full participants (who will both write/draw a customized gift and receive one), so if you missed your chance to sign-up but would still like to participate, you may still have a chance if there are any early assignment problems/drop-outs.

Please fill out the form completely, including a working e-mail address. Thank you all in advance. We love our pinch-hitters! :)

If anyone is interested in betaing, we still need beta volunteers. Go sign-up here!

Pinch-hitter Sign Up Form


Sep. 8th, 2009 03:12 pm
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Hi everyone.

There are still a few people who haven't confirmed their assignments. I've just sent out emails to everyone we haven't heard from. If you've not received an assignment, please let us know ASAP.

We'll give it a day or so, and then we'll post a list of the people we've not yet heard from. At some point in the near future, we'll have to assume you've dropped out, so please get in touch with us.

On that note, if anyone has run into any problems or just has questions for us, shoot an email over to snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks, again, to everyone for participating, and we hope you have fun creating your gifts.
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If you haven't already done so, please send us a quick email to let us know you've received your assignment.
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We are extending sign-ups for [community profile] snarry_holidays for two more days. Sign-ups will now close on Friday, August 28 at 9PM EST.

Sign-ups are here!
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These are the rules for our next round; they have changed from last year, so please read them carefully. By signing up for Snarry Holidays, you are agreeing to abide by all of these rules.

Rules )
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The mods of [community profile] snarry_holidays are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting our third round this winter! We hope to make this year even better than the previous and will be implementing a few changes.

We are in the final stages of revising the Rules and FAQ and will be posting those by tomorrow, especially considering that sign-ups are right around the corner! [Please note sign-ups begin August 20.] We would love to hear any feedback and/or suggestions you may have, as either participants or followers of the fest. Please feel free to comment or to email us at snarryholiday [at] gmail [dot] com.

Below are the all important fest dates:

Sign-ups: August 20-26

Assignments to be Sent Out: September 1

Submissions Due: November 16

Posting: November 28 – December 21


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